BFF Group is a full service Marketing, Branding, PR and Event Management company.

We are a team of Marketing, Branding, PR and Event Management specialists eager to show our clients what we can offer. You can use our eyes, ears, memory and experience to discover your place in the market. We know more than what you find on the Internet – new trends as well as the best venues.

Success of every business, no matter how big or small, lies in success of each part that forms the business. Our experience allows us to bring added value to each of these parts. We listen to you, understand who your clients are and what they expect and together we come up with ideas. The connection between your input, our experience and our added value will reflect in an encounter that your clients will find hard to forget.


In business, success depends on your ability to transform. It depends on your ability to change the way you think, make decisions, and work as a team.

BFF Group is a team of people ready to help you make your business grow and flourish.

  • Michal Javůrek


  • Lenka Lepíčková

    Events, Marketing

  • Kateřina Slavíková

    Marketing, PR

  • Veronika Pudsey


  • Helena Chovítková


  • Nikola Štourač



Why choose BFF Group?

"BFF" actually stands for "Best Friends Forever". That is exactly the sort of relationship we have with our clients and suppliers. We at BFF Group are also friends among each other in the office – a team of young enthusiastic professionals led by experienced industry veterans creating this important mix of experience and fresh ideas.

In-house team of experienced hosts/hostesses, transfer assistants etc. We cooperate with university students working with us for years. We also have an in-house graphic studio, printing house and art agency representing numerous artists and ensembles.

BFF Group is not an "event and marketing factory". Each project is approached individually with maximum attention to the client’s needs.

Your ideas are the alpha and omega of our work. We are here to help you shine and take the burden of all the details from your shoulders. No matter if you are an office-based company or if you work in a farm or own a metal production factory. We are here for you.


  • Year established: 2000
  • Business area: Marketing, Branding, PR, Communication, Events
  • Offices in: Netherlands, Czech Republic
  • Membership: Prague Convention Bureau

What we do

Marketing and PR

  • Marketing services
  • Branding services
  • Social media presentation
  • Influencers, celebrities
  • Copywriting
  • External communication
  • Internal communication
  • And more


  • Accommodation (if required)
  • Flight tickets, airport transfers and assistance
  • Dramaturgy and content building
  • Conference materials, design, print
  • Lunches, dinners, picnics, BBQs, garden parties
  • Accompanying programme, social events
  • Team buildings and CSR activities
  • And more


BFF Group is a proud supporter of Post Bellum - a Czech non-governmental non-profit organisation which documents the memories of witnesses of the important historical phenomenon of the 20th century and which tries to pass these stories on to the broader public.

In 2001, a group of Czech journalists and historians, who had been hitherto meeting at various press conferences or annual commemorative acts, founded the non-profit organization Post Bellum (from Latin “after the war”). They were led by their conviction that witnesses of historic events need to have an opportunity to tell their stories in detail and in their entirety. These memories bear precious testimony not only about modern history, but about the character of the Czech people as well. If they are not preserved for the present-day and future generations, the society will hardly be able to cope with its history of totalitarianism. Their aim is to form a collection of interviews as extensive as possible – a collection of authentic personal stories and testimonies.


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